Monthly Archives: October 2018


First things first. Vacation was ah-mazing! Lots of Florida sunshine equals a great tan and plenty of pool time! It was relaxing and refreshing to spend time together without the kids. I feel blessed and renewed! And to top it off, my kids survived five days without me! That in itself gives me hope for […]

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Judging The Judgy

Somethings just shouldn’t have to be said. Emotions are running away from me today as I watch as people are judging their fellow humans on social media. I feel like I need to fast Facebook for a while, gain some renewed perspective. I am certain that move will be in the works as I am […]

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Oh The Chaos In My Head!

I decided from the get go this would not be on a specific time schedule.  I despise those, just ask my husband.  Maybe, it is just because Tuesdays are my scheduled days off and my mind goes all crazy not being at work.  Whatever the case, this time around, this blog proceeds the first by […]

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