Small Victories=Big Expectations

Guys! The holidays are over! It is now 2019, I just had to change my age in my bio, and I’m not going to lie, I feel old! I am typing this, as I sit at a tire and lube shop waiting for my child’s tire to be replaced. Of course, after a crazy day […]

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I have been in serious reflection mode the past few weeks. It is Christmas time after all, and a lot of emphasis of the people around me has been on the topic of “love”. Which I am completely okay with! If everyone truly loved their neighbor as themself how could hate survive? Now, I have […]

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I feel a little sentimental today. (Could be hormones, maybe a little). While texting with a friend about setting our phone’s lockscreen with an encouraging message, (super important to encourage yourself) I began reminiscing about the images I have on my phone. I have two, an encouraging quote for the lock screen and this one […]

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