One More Post About “Modesty”

The following blog should not be taken as judgmental in tone. This is not the intent. However, people have questions, valid questions that I feel should be honestly and blatantly addressed. Recently, the superintendent of the UPCI, David K Bernard has made some posts on his public Facebook page regarding women’s “modesty”. I use quotation […]

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Men, The Monsters of Modesty Culture

When writing blogs containing this sensitive of a topic, I have a hard time figuring out where to begin.  What actually is a good intro sentence to what I am researching today. Yeah, I got nothing.  So here it goes. Women’s modesty and men. “Men are visual creatures.” Now, since I am not a man, […]

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The Oxymoron of “Modesty”

I am having a difficult time deciding how to begin this blog, so, I am just going to throw it out there and begin. Yes, that is a picture of me in my beach attire. I thought it was fitting for the theme of the blog. Plus, it is a flashback to warmer days on […]

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