What Happens When Your Church Becomes Your Idol?

When I started publishing a blog I knew there would be backlash. When my book came out, I had no doubt there would be backlash. I knew what the response would be from many people, at least, I thought I knew. I fully expected mud to be thrown at me personally, and I expected to […]

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I have been mulling over a thought for a few weeks, but life has been so crazy I haven’t had a chance to sit and unpack it the way it deserves. It is the holidays after all, who isn’t crazy busy this time of year? I actually do have all of my presents bought and […]

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The Simplicity Of The Gospel

I will begin this blog by stating the following: I don’t pretend to have all of the theological answers of the world just free roaming around in my brain. Not even close. I will say, that I am actively searching for them. I didn’t go to theology school. In fact, as has been blatantly pointed […]

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