This Is Not Our Battle

The battle is not yoursGod said, “It’s mine.”The battle is not yoursGod said, “It’s mine.”If you’ll stand, stand and seeHe’ll show up on timeThe battle is not yoursGod said, “It’s mine.” Did you ever sing this song? I remember this song bringing down the house when I was younger! People would dance and shout proclaiming […]

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This was going to start out as a Facebook post, but it got way too long for that, so I’m dropping it here. I haven’t blogged as much in the last several months and here’s why, I am happy! I can’t believe I am sincerely typing this, but after struggling to find my place for […]

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First off, I am excited to say, this is my first blog I am writing from MY office! It’s not really all mine at the moment, I am having to share it with my online learning children, but, it is slowly but surely becoming my own! I even have a white, fluffy chair! (Thank you […]

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