Huge News!

Hi everyone! It dawned on me recently that I had yet to share my biggest project right now on my blog! I have no idea how I missed it!

I am co-hosting a CONFERENCE this summer with the hosts of the Berean Holiness website! And we are so excited!

I have had a desire for several years to meet and mingle with those I talk to online, and this is my chance! The Called to Freedom Conference is going to be an amazing, one of a kind opportunity for anyone who has left a cultish or hyper-fundamentalist church and is trying to detangle their Biblical beliefs and meet others with similar experiences. We will have round table small group discussions, panelists, Q&A, and sessions dedicated to recognizing red flags in unhealthy churches and how to find your identity in Christ alone.

I am even more excited to announce the keynote speakers are none other than Jeremiah and Andrew, the hosts of the podcast Cultish! I had the amazing opportunity to be a guest on their show back in 2019/20 and these guys are amazing and have a true heart to help people. I may be appearing there again soon, so keep an eye out!

The conference is in Simpsonville, KY, on July 28th-29th 2023. Seating is limited, so be sure to get your tickets soon!

I hope to see you there!

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