The Guilt of the Good Stuff

This morning’s sermon was about Paul telling us to be content in all things. The speaker pointed out that being content in all things does not equate to necessarily being happy in all things. I like it. This almost gives me an out for all the ups and downs I’ve been dealing with the past month! Almost.

Am I good enough? Do I deserve what I have? Is God punishing me for something I did or didn’t do? Is God blessing me for something I did or didn’t do? Are God’s blessings to me fair for others around me?

All of these questions have been circling around in my brain this weekend in a never-ending whirlpool of confusion mixed with some good old-fashioned guilt. And I have come to the conclusion this afternoon, that I am going to choose to be thankful and happy for all the great things happening in my life. This seems like a dumb thing to have to decide on, but when you automatically resort to feeling guilty about the good things, this can be a monumental task. I am going to celebrate them as God’s blessings, and let go of the nagging thoughts of not being good enough to deserve them or feeling guilty that someone else may still be going through a dark time.

I apologize if this blog post was a little boring, and slightly depressing. It’s what I am feeling at the moment. Maybe one day soon, I will have my life together! Right now, I am simply choosing to be thankful.

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