You ever get into a rut and just feel meh?

Confession, this is currently me.

Just as every other woman I am sure, somedays, a lot of days, I feel like I am running on a hamster wheel. Juggling kids, laundry, work, dinner, grocery shopping, work, church, the list keeps going, there isn’t much “me” time left. And on top of all of life’s demands, other things pull me away from focusing on my well being, such as social media, sitting on the couch vegging in utter exhaustion, a new TV series I would love to watch, ugh.

I would love to be one of those superwomen who can breeze through life staying fit, makeup on point, feeding their children all homemade organic food. I am not those women.

I am okay with it. I have made peace with the fact my kids sometimes eat tortilla chips with shredded cheese melted on them for dinner, and most days, if I am even wearing just a little mascara I feel like I’ve won.

But I have made a decision to begin making a conscience effort to better me. Small things here and there simply to make sure I feel the best possible.

You have to start somewhere right? So today, is my beginning. A journey toward a healthy body and healthy mind.

First thing, I am doing a detox cleanse to flush out all the yuck in my body from the junk food I tend to survive on. Let’s be real, I choose chocolate over an apple every single time and my love handles prove it.

Second, I am currently logged out of Facebook. My mind needs a detox. While I do love all of my friends, it is a constant reminder of the attitude of hate that seems so prevalent in some circles. I feel torn. I want to keep in touch with people, but sometimes it is just too much for my mind to handle and it is triggering. I don’t want to fuel my mind with the racism, spiritual abuse, or political hate that for years of my life I tolerated and even justified in an effort to quiet my screaming conscience. Plus, I want to be present with my family for the small bits of time I get to see them. My phone pulls me away from quality time too often.

This detox is only scheduled for ten days and my head is already thumping from lack of caffeine, but I am hopeful by the end I will feel refreshed and renewed! I am also hopeful I can stick with it! I want to prove to myself I have the perseverance.

Spring is here, everything in nature is new and green! I cannot wait for my body and mind to join in the beauty!

Here’s to new beginnings and fresh starts! Now, instead of sitting on my phone, I am going to go outside and play ball with my son!

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